Passing of Guy Knickerbocker

With great sadness, ILCOR has been informed of the passing of Guy Knickerbocker, PhD. Guy was one of the founders of modern CPR in 1960 and the last remaining until last week. He along with Drs Jude, Gordon, Elam and Safar were honored in 1985 as the first “Giants” in Resuscitation by ILCOR and the AHA.

Knickerbocker made a crucial observation when he noticed that there was a brief, temporary rise in blood pressure that occurred when heavy copper electrodes were applied to the chest wall of a dog whose heart had stopped beating and the dog was kept alive with manual heart massage while the electrodes were being retrieved from another area of the hospital. This finding led the team to develop modern CPR as we know it today.

His obituary can be found here.