Other Resuscitation Councils 2021


On 15 October, the second Kids Save Lives symposium will take place, featuring speakers from all across the world.

The Brazil Resuscitation Council is holding online and face-to-face trainings, as well as organizing a competition for universities on the topic of saving women's lives.

Moreover, several survivors will be sharing their stories on and around World Restart A Heart Day.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, face-to-face trainings will not be possible. However, the Indian Resuscitation Council is organizing online trainings and promoting CPR on TV, as well as creating videos in 13 languages.

Many schools are ready to introduce CPR for children, and 80 000 new students now receive CPR as a foundational course.

Saudi Arabia

Some face-to-face trainings with a limited number of people and strict Covid measuresmight be possible. Companies have also been contacted to persuade them to hold CPRtrainings for their employees.

A few survivors have been found and stories and videos with them will be created.
A public campaign on the importance of putting AEDs in public places is being organised.

The Saudi Arabian Red Cross is joining in the celebrations surrounding 16 October. Laerdal’s Anniewhere will be used to teach CPR. Small face-to-face awareness events might be held but the focus will be on social media.

Sri Lanka

Through a collaboration with five medical schools, Sri Lanka aims to teach 5000 students CPR through online trainings. Several private schools have also agreed to organise Kids Save Lives trainings.

Moreover, Red Cross Sri Lanka, St. John Ambulance and the local ambulance service 1990 will be joining forces for World Restart A Heart, and the Japanese embassy has been approached with a proposal to purchase AEDs on strategic locations.