European Resuscitation Council 2019

Throughout Europe, many National Resuscitation Councils under the banner of the European Resuscitation Council will organize activities on or around World Restart a Heart Day on October 16th 2019.


The Belgian Resuscitation Council is organising trainings in various locations across the country:

— Bornem— 08 October— Herentals— 16 October
— Brussels Railway Station South— 09 October— Geel— 16 October
— Liège— 12 October— Ath— 16 October
— Essen— 16 October— Sint-Niklaas— 16 October
— Kortrijk— 16 October— Jornu— 16 October
— Strombeek-Bever— 16 October— Bornem— 16 October
— Wemmel— 16 October— Brussels Univ. Hospital Saint-Luc— 21 October

T-shirts, face shields, stickers, banners and folders will be distributed.


World Restart A Heart initiatives will take place on 19 October in major cities and the Istria region as part of an InterReg EU project with Slovenia.


World Restart a Heart has become an integrated part of the programme of the Danish Resuscitation Council, serving to promote CPR and the use of AEDs, increase the number of first responders and increase the number of AEDs available to the public 24/7.


The German Resuscitation Council organised a great number of events all throughout Germany. Below are some highlights from the event at the cathedral in Cologne.


On 30 July 2019, the Italian Chamber of Deputies approved a new law on cardiac arrest and defibrillation. Of 10 proposals made by the Italian Resuscitation Council, 8 were accepted. 16 October was officially recognised as World Restart A Heart Day.

Mass trainig events are being organised in iconic locations during Viva Week/Settimana Viva from 14-20 October.


On 28 September, mass training events and awareness campaigns were organised in Luxembourg City as part of World Heart Day and World Restart A Heart Day.


Local initiatives will take place on 16 October with mass trainings for laypeople, students, teachers and police officers.


On 16 October, the Romanian Resuscitation Council is is organising events and courses in 3 centers with 100-150 participants each.


The Slovenian Resuscitation Council has partnered with the Slovenian Red Cross and RTV Slovenia. 100 free BLS courses will take place across the country, as well as several public presentations by BLS and local AED networks (medical students, community health centres, firefighters, ...)


The Sudan Resuscitation Council is organising Major Incidence and Disaster refreshment training, as well as BCcon training for frontliners and evacuation and transfer of victims training.


The Swedish Resuscitation Council is supporting local initiatives in hospitals and fire brigades and distributing promotional material for World Restart A Heart.


The Turkish Resuscitation Society is organising events at Taşköprü, the Stone Bridge in Adana, one of the oldest bridges in the world still in use.


On 16 October 2019 on the World Restart a Heart Day ALL-UKRAINIAN PUBLIC ORGANIZATION “ALL-UKRAINIAN RESUSCITATION COUNCIL AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE” will hold a series of seminars on cardiopulmonary resuscitation in all the regions of Ukraine. More than 70 trainers will be involved.

Also, we intend to launch a flash mob on social media platforms picturing “overlapped hands” among all of our instructors, ambassadors for the first-aid CPR movement and all the people who have completed a training course on Basic Life Support in the European Resuscitation Council (over 1,700 people since September 2018).

United Kingdom

The UK Resuscitation Council is engaging all ambulance services in the United Kingdom to organise activities on and around the day. The Yorkshire Ambulance services are organising CPR sessions down in a coal mine. A number of schools, local community groups and voluntary services will also take part in this year's World Restart a Heart. CPR will be performed in iconic spots around the country.