Other Documents

ILCOR Minutes

Articles of Incorporation

ILCOR Meeting Capetown 2019

The following documents were available for download during the ILCOR meeting in Capetown from 2 to 4 November 2019.


Capetown agenda final 27 Oct 2019

All Task Force Combined Capetown PICO Presentation Grid final 28 Oct 2019

Perkins Plenary 2Nov2019


Updated Wire Form

Volunteer Reimbursement Form

Conflict of Interest Statements

ILCOR Conflict of Interest Forms Cape Town Final 1 November 2019

General Assembly Documents

A. ILCOR General Assembly Meeting Agenda

B. Minutes ILCOR GA Chicago 09112018

C. Beginning 2019 statement

D. ILCOR 2019 income expenses

E. Ending 2019 statement

F. Task Force Member Reappointment Worksheet GA-FINAL

G. Internal Rules COI section 8

H. COI Guidance Document 23 May 2019

I. Appeal process 23 May 2019

J. Articles of Incorporation approved by GA 10 Nov 2017

K. Internal Rules approved by GA 10 Nov 2017

L. Scientific Advisory Statement Brain Injury Perkins 13 October 2019

M. Scientific Advisory Statement Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Education Research 2019

N. Scientific Advisory Statement KIDS SAVE LIVES 20191024

O. Organizational Chart October 2019

P. ILCOR Research and Registries Working Group Report October 2019

Q. Report Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa 2019

A1 ILCOR Conflict of Interest Forms Final 1 November 2019

N1 Scientific Advisory Statement Proposal Therapeutic Hypothermia for Neonatal Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy FINAL

N2 Scientific Advisory Statement Proposal NLS Gaps in Knowledge FINAL

R. Conflict of Interest Presentation Bill